I just learned our toilet is the original thing

A few kind of interesting facts about the apartment building we live in, which was built around 1910. It was once a luxury apartment building. One column of apartments is quite small and these apartments were used by butlers and maids who served the tenants.

Some of the apartments have hidden safes.

We don’t have a safe. Our apartment does have the original tub and 1910 Pacific-style water closet. But they look 100 years old so whether this is a plus or not is dependent on how much you prize a show of authenticity.

I based several paragraphs in the current novel on what it’s like to upchuck in a 100 year old toilet that’s plugged into a 100 year old tile floor. (I always felt the toilet was probably that old.) Hopefully, when we get through with the pumice and turtle wax, the toilet aesthetic will be improved but I’d still rather it not be too greatly contemplated.

One of the closets still shows what I imagine was the original paint job on the ceiling moldings. Weirdly enough, it appears to be gold leaf.

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