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This is for (redacted) whose parents were once fashion forward in what proves to be an iconic Diamond & Baratta, iconic forward New England/American design kind of way, a taste which I now see I was too pedestrian too appreciate. That said, what was not had was the validation of 7.5 million dollars of house in Central Greenwich, Connecticut.

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As for the plaid flannel bathrobe foyer. I’d get up in the morning, walk into that, reflexively yawn and go straight back to bed.


Have to admit that I’m vaguely appreciative of the droll whimsy of the Timothy Leary meets Alice in Wonderland “Eat me” “Drink me” bedroom, but only as a set for a film.

I have seen other examples of Diamnd & Baratta and while not to my taste I can’t help but feel the true story behind this house has its roots in Rock Hudson and Doris Day’s “Pillow Talk”.

I read the house is in foreclosure and has been on the market since 2005. So, Doris drained Rock’s bank account, wouldn’t marry him, and he tumbled into financial ruin.

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