Film director, Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Huffington Post gives this translation:

The people of Iran, by phone and mails, have asked me to send their message to mister Moussavi.

This letter is a summary of what they have told me these past days from inside Iran and all over the world:

“President Moussavi:
give us your orders!
Political power is gained by making people act,
and is lost in the contrary case.
The liars and stealers of the people’s vote,
by buying time, are weakening people’s social powers.

President Moussavi:
do not keep silent, do not wait, give us orders !
What us people of Iran had lost was not information, but courage.
Our fear came from each one of us feeling alone;
but participating in the elections,
and demonstrating by the millions
proved that if we stand together we are invincible.

President Moussavi:
do not send people to their houses !
So that they are once again crushed by despair and fear
From a goverment that is itself illegal,
do not ask for a legal permission to peacefully demonstrate.

The majority of people of iran, who has voted for you, is waiting for your orders;
give us the orders to demonstrate !
give us the orders of a general strike !
give us the orders of resistance !

The people’s common need is your orders.
President Moussavi
give the people your orders !”

On the behalf of the people of Iran
Mohsen Makhmalbaf
the 6th of the month of Tir, 88

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