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Reading on HuffingtonPost a piece in which a yoga instructor states she can learn things about people, like their ability to get what they want, in yoga. She says when your body tells you in yoga to quit because it’s uncomfortable, that’s your moment of choice.

When you actually notice those reactions, you get to choose what response is really best for you. If you learn to stay calmly with challenges (when your brain is so sure you must instantly quit) you will become stronger mentally and physically, in all kinds of situations. If you quit, well, you know the rest.

Oh. She’s the “Yoga Master” for Nissan’s Master the Shift program and has been featured in Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Target and Athleta campaigns. This perhaps says something about the power of positive thinking spin and her assertions (never mind the economy) that if you don’t have the perfect job, house etc., you have only yourself to blame.

I find it interesting how much of this has been going on in the health section at Huffington lately, the positive thinking, don’t blame the corporations or anyone else, you are the sole creator of your destiny thing.

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