In Which H.o.p. Corrects Me

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“Oh, no, that’s real world violence. I don’t want to see any real world violence, it’s too scary,” says H.o.p., glimpsing a video of protests in Iran. So I explain to him what it’s about and that it doesn’t show anything extreme. I give some historical context but also accidentally misreferenced on a significant point.

And H.o.p. corrected me.

Not that it takes much wherewithal to be able to correct me on a point, but my eleven-year-old son correcting me when we’re talking about Iran? Yes! Good show! Thank you! Makes me proud.

Grasping any and all opportunities when I can, we discussed news via social networking (Twitter/Facebook/Youtube etc.) and I pulled out our big world Morepolitical/geographical map which is too big for us to tack up on a wall so I keep it in a corner next to my desk and unroll it and spread it out on the floor for discussions.

Then when we’re done I give him a big hug because I’m still euphoric over his correcting me.

And then he goes back to playing with his Sonic figures.

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Following the situation in Iran on Twitter. Twitter recognizes the role it’s playing and has postponed scheduled maintenance

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