Les Ballets Jackson “Fiesta Hippie”

If you’re offended by circa 1960s partially nude French people (well, I’m guessing they’re French) in Barbarella togs doing the “Fiesta Hippie” dance then don’t click to watch Les Ballets Jacksons below. It’s a Scopitones which was a jukebox video. And I’m…well…I’m on my 6th watching. It’s that wonderful.

OK, so the first part of the music is King Crimson’s “In the Court of the Crimson King”. Before I knew that, my brain kept trying to turn it into a section from David Bowie’s “The Width of a Circle”? Then it goes into…what…at 1:26? My brain goes, “It’s someone’s homage to Louie Louie!” Very familiar but I can’t place it. Help me out here.

Ah c’mon. Surely someone here must admit there are more than a few flashes of genius to this.

(OK, a BoingBoing commentor alerts that the second tune is “Psyche Rock” by Pierre Henry.)

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