H.o.p. thrusts a paper in front of my face and in his nasal cold sneezy voice says, “Guess what that is?”

Blobs with faces.

“That’s smoke and that’s pollution. They were the bad things let out of Pandora’s Box.”

Yes, indeed the ills of the world released from Pandora’s Box.

“Except for hope,” H.o.p. says. “Hope was left.”

I think now is not the age to discuss with H.o.p. that some people believed hope was a curse.

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Juli Kearns

Juli Kearns is the author of Thunderbird and the Ball of Twine and Unending Wonders of a Subatomic World (or) In Search of the Great Penguin. She is also an artist/photographer, and the person behind the web alter of "Idyllopus Press".

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