Analysis of Eyes Wide Shut – Part Two

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6 thoughts on “Analysis of Eyes Wide Shut – Part Two”

  1. The scene at Marions house where bill touches the old mans forehead is almost identical to the scene in the film “Being there” staring peter sellers!

  2. 83 MS Alice in the entrance to the bathroom. (26:32)

    BIll: …I think we both know what men are like.

    Is it me or does it seem like that line seem to be a Kubrick joke as a possible reference to questioning Tom cruises sexuality? “We both know….what men are like”—— I’m sure you do Tom hahaha!

  3. I love your analyses! Love love love! I can’t stop reading and return to do so in every break I get! I’m in the middle of the Eyes Wide Shut analysis and one thing comes to my mind. Sky Dumont as the Hungarian… of course him being hungry comes to mind and then there’s the Gary pun… Have you ever thought of him introducing himself to Alice by saying he’s pretty well hung? It’s silly, I know. Hope it makes you laugh at least. Now, back to reading!

  4. Have to admit that this had never crossed my mind. I could say it had never come to mind but that would be heedlessly encouraging puns. Such as them being in the ball room. I’ve spent my life avoiding such puns. We should not consider this comment as signaling my embracing them. 🙂

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