We ate bison

We ate bison for an unconflicted Thanksgiving
We ate bison
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Thanksgiving. We handled it this year by eating bison and remembering its role in the lives of some of our ancestors and their appreciation of this animal and its gifts, which were of such great importance that the buffalo were one of the founding clans. It seemed apropos and helped make for a not-very-conflicted Thanksgiving.

Of course, you can’t see the bison here, as it’s been eaten. Nor can you see the bison head on the wall beyond H.o.p. because it’s hidden behind a ceiling lamp. You see, we ate at one of Ted Turner’s bison houses and he likes to adorn them with bison heads.

I told H.o.p. this was a new tradition of ours.

This was fine by him as he doesn’t like turkey, won’t touch it, but loves bison.

If you’re curious why H.o.p. has his camera to his ear it’s because he’s always making movies and was listening to a clip he’d just filmed.

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