Sarah Palin and the Amazing Aquasaur

Yesterday I saw something bizarre on the news that made my brain go to one of those last straw places you go to when your jar is filled with last straws and yet here is somehow another and it’s even more kinky twisted than the straw before it.

“Oh,” you say, “certainly you’ve seen some beyond crazy stuff in your life and are little surprized by the insanity that passes as piece of country pie good neighbor normal.  What about the last eight years of so-called democracy and free world righteousness?  Huh?”

I know, I know.  Still, Palin about sunk me when she appeared on the world stage.  There was something new and very wrong.  She was like a nail tossed in the blender.  On purpose.  In the hope you’ll be so overcome with horror at the sound of splintering metal you’ll automatically cover your ears and run screaming from the room.

But then there was the Sarah Palin look-alike in Iowa, standing right behind McCain at a rally.  With the do and the glasses.

McCain:  And thank you for your support of Sarah Palin as well…

At which point the woman touches her chest and bows her head humbly.

McCain:  I’m very grateful that.

People cheer.  Fake Sarah Palin says “Thank you” and waves to the crowd.

Rachel Maddow (I love her, she’s great, she and Olbermann have me watching television for the first time in uhm…like…decades) treats it here as intentional mockery, an amusing wolf in sheep’s clothing that’s managed to slip in with…well…all the McCain/Palin raging wolverines.

I’m not sure. I think if she was planted by anyone it was by McCain or his people.

Like the green people miniature happy faces camouflaged in the broccoli florets.

A paste-in with subliminal intent. Remember Steve Martin’s “The Lonely Guy” and the party that’s all life-size cardboard cut-outs of celebrities? No? The only reason I remember is because I watched the film for the first time on Netflix three nights ago, because my brain has rotted and I no longer believe in creativity, if you’re not making money it’s just another useless spinning hamster on the wheel (just kidding…kind of), which is what happens when you’ve spent your life writing and writing and painting and painting stuff (yes “stuff”…blank stare) that you hope will communicate, in which you’ve invested your soul, and about the only piece that people come looking for on your website, via Google, is something you wrote about the “amazing aquasaur”.

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