Ummm, this week….not much….to say…

Nothing to say all week.  Nothing to say today.  I watched the debate Tuesday night and was alarmed by McCain.  No, say it as it was.  The moment I saw the expression on his face as he entered the stage, I felt dread on a scale that surprised me.  Subsequently, I have been increasingly disturbed by what’s coming out of his rallies.

But enough on that.

I’m only writing today to say that H.o.p. immediately returned to Flipboom last Sunday and began another movie and with his brief familiarity he made a large leap in quality.  He has since worked on it off and on all week, putting in about two day’s work altogether.  He finally finished it last night and I’m setting my computer up to try to do the accompanying recording, because he needs my help for this.  He can’t try to sync by himself and I doubt my own ability to sync sound with his cartoon considering my primative set-up.

I mean, this kid very carefully and diligently animated mouths for voiceover.  I’m amazed at how well he did it, the only problem being that for one scene he didn’t write out his script, he was doing it mentally, and a couple of days after his finishing that scene he forgot one of the sentences the character was saying and he can’t think up another one to match the movement of the mouth.  But it’ll hardly matter because my attempt at syncing sound will be lamentable.

Flipboom has its problems.  It’s fine but it could be a lot better.  More on that later.

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3 thoughts on “Ummm, this week….not much….to say…”

  1. One of the things I kept noticing about McCain during the debate was the way he kept hopping off his stool when Obama said something you could tell McCain strongly disagreed with. McCain’s behavior seemed very aggressive in that regard, to me.

  2. I think what disturbed me was the sense of panic and aggression. When he walked on stage it seemed to me his expression was one of an individual who has desired a long time to be president, desired it to the point that all that remains is the desire to attain that goal, which is now a corrosive, devouring ambition with a monstrous amount of money and ego supporting it. That reckless aggression is reflected in his choice of Palin for a running mate, and his delight in nicknaming her his barracuda (just as she gets a high on being known as a pit bull with lipstick).

    Aggression in itself isn’t bad, I don’t think. This doesn’t sound as good as cooperation but there are times it behooves to step out of the line dance (probably at the point one realizes one is no longer in a line dance, anyway, but is being pushed back against the wall) and try the lead in negotiations. What’s driving the aggression and how it’s used determines whether it’s positive or negative.

  3. Yes, I can feel what you are saying, too, with regard to McCain’s desire to be President, that it is a devouring ambition. What I was thinking of in terms of his aggression was that it felt thinly restrained, to me. Sometimes aggression is necessary. But when it feels as if a person is barely containing a desire to punch someone that seems like it has crossed some line. And obviously punching someone would be worse, so at least it was with some restraint. Still, there was something that was troubling about how thin that line seemed to be, a kind of angry desperation.

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