The Last Night of September 2008

The Last Night of September 2008
The Last Night of September 2008
Sept 2008

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H.o.p. made a movie while I chatted with George. When we came out it was just as the sun was setting, movers were moving someone into an apartment on the floor above us. Marty arrived home and we talked about Paul Newman movies (mainly George enthused over Paul Newman movies as he was far more familiar with them than we were, which means I need to look up “Hombre” and “Cool Hand Luke” and watch those two again). Others came and went. Then it was quite dark and Marty went on in to start the spaghetti squash and I sat outside with H.o.p. waiting on him as he finished up another movie.

Update: I watched “Cool Hand Luke” last night on Netflix. Realized I’d never seen it before, when I thought I had. Great movie. I’m still pondering it…Paul Newman cutting off the heads of the parking meters. Remarkable opening. I was surprised at how much “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” owed to it.

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