Welcome to Presidential Debate Night at Our Apartment

Welcome to Presidential Debate Night at our Apartment
Welcome to Presidential Debate Night at Our Apartment
Sept 2008
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Presidential <em>Debate Night at Our Apartment (color)”></a><br />
Presidential Debate Night at Our Apartment (color)<br />
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We, like how many other households, were turned in and I thought I’d show this because it is a mass participation event, kind of like football, only we don’t watch football.

First we settled down with coffee and with H.o.p., me telling H.o.p. it was part of his education to watch the debate with us–but it’s not exactly 1968 is it, the election that first really caught my attention as a child (I vaguely remember the one before it because I recollect my amazement at the name Goldwater). H.o.p. wasn’t thrilled but tried watching for around 20 minutes while we explained things to him. He’s well familiar with Bush Land but the names McCain and Obama are still fuzzy and remote to him. When he said, “I really don’t understand anything they’re talking about,” I said, “OK, that’s enough,” and he ran off to pursue another film project.

After H.o.p. was done watching I dug out the cherry pie we’d purchased a couple days ago in memory of the nights we would purchase cherry pie and watch Lynch’s “Twin Peaks.” I had been reminded of those nights because I had been reading interviews with David Lynch and watching his earliest film shorts on Netflix, “Six Men Getting Sick”, “The Alphabet”, “The Grandmother” and “The Amputee”. And with the weather cooling off it seemed a good time for cherry pie.

Cherry pie à la David Lynch and the debates seemed to be a good fit. And the wilting sunflowers. I thought they fit in as well, considering the economy.

From his bath later on, H.o.p. called out, “Who won? Really, I want to know!” And we talked about the debate more in depth and answered a number of questions he had formulated in the meanwhile.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to Presidential Debate Night at Our Apartment”

  1. HOP and at least two of the sunflowers are in a drooping (would it be a lotus?) position and look as though they’ve had it with politics as a learning experiece…..tell him it’s more of a life experience….hopefully he’ll have to deal with it every four years for the rest of his life….this last bunch in charge are a good example of Goethe’s quote, ” I hate all bungling as I do sin, but particularly bungling in politics, which leads to the misery and ruin of many thousands and millions of people”…but as Churchill reminded us, “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried”….Hang in there HOP…it won’t be long till you have to decide who might bungle less……

  2. Hadn’t heard that Goethe quote.

    H.o.p. was less drooping than bending over another sculpture he was fashioning. One of the wrappers for his clay is sitting beside him on the floor there. (The amount of money we’re spending weekly on modeling clay for him is ridiculous.)

    Yes, eight more years and H.o.p. will be out voting. I feel for his generation and the weight that’s already on their shoulders due to the appalling “bungling” of Reagan and his Reaganites. Except that I don’t quite feel it was bungling. Bungling implies a lack of intention, whereas these jokers and their handlers have, I believe, largely accomplished what they’d hoped to do, plus more.

  3. I remember I was about the age you were when I got interested enough to watch
    the Democratic National Convention. Mostly I don’t think I understood it but I felt swept up in something that seemed exciting, the cheering, the energy.

  4. and I remember from a bedroom in Wyoming, listening to the grownups in the kitchen at 4:00 a.m. crowded around the radio waiting for the results between Frankllin Roosevelt and Wendell Willke (?) and hearing them cheering when Roosevelt won!!!!…I was so excited, but I wasn’t too sure about what….I am sure now…….

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