A Precarious Perch at Twilight

A Precarious Perch at Twilight
A Precarious Perch at Twilight
Sept 2008


Brave man on a ladder at a Midtown intersection at twilight.

This evening on our walk H.o.p. entertained himself making movies of Yoshi, a little toy figure of his. Yoshi was tossed up and down and thrown across the sidewalk and walked fences and cavorted in trees. A number of men were working at another intersection and one of the road crew was apparently entertained with H.o.p.’s antics. The next thing I knew he had produced a camera out of his pocket (he is prepared) and here I am with my camera and H.o.p. is with his camera photographing Yoshi and now one of the road crew is grinning ear to ear and photographing us as we walk across the street.

Man, it has been beautiful out. Sun’s Power Hits New Low, May Endanger Earth! reads one headline. And there’s the Wall Street mess which is just fat and happy rich grinning big-bigger-biggest, their mouths stretched monstrous large under wide open sluices, and Palin dishing out McFester jello brain grab bag garble that has nothing to do with anything except a shoddy con that’s content to let the audience soak in the smell of snake oil essences because, well, the pretty bottle is cracked. But it’s still a pretty bottle! See? See? See the pretty bottle?

Still it has been lovely out these past few days. And H.o.p. and I take our walk and he makes up Yoshi movies and the road worker photographs us because he’s entertained and lots of times it’s best just not to think of tomorrow, like when things are feeling simply all right at the moment.

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