Clock Preferences

So, I’m sitting in the chair at the dentist’s and I look up and see on the opposite wall a clock exactly like one we used to have at home. A cheap clock, with a white frame, from Ikea. That clock we had with the white frame eventually broke and we purchased another one of the same make and that one was always too fast so we purchased another one of the same make but with a navy frame and it also runs too fast.

Most clocks we get from Ikea run too fast. But we never think to get a good clock from somewhere else. We only think to get a clock when we’re at Ikea and see the cheap ones and decide to try again for one that will run on time.

“We have a clock just like that,” I say to the hygienist as she goes through her preparations.

“I like to have it right there so I can look up and see the time,” she replies.

“Our clocks like that always run fast. We get one and we replace it with another and then another.”

“I purchased that clock from Ikea,” she says.

“Yes, I know,” I say.

It’s Ikea’s Rusch clock.

What is funny is the reason we purchase the Rusch clock is for H.o.p. It has a minute hand and we put it up in the bathroom so he can tell from it how long he’s brushed his teeth.

The Rusch clock from Ikea seems to be the clock of choice in matters pertaining to teeth.

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Juli Kearns

Juli Kearns is the author of Thunderbird and the Ball of Twine and Unending Wonders of a Subatomic World (or) In Search of the Great Penguin. She is also an artist/photographer, and the person behind the web alter of "Idyllopus Press".

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