Programs for homeschoolers at Zoo Atlanta

Tuesday was Homeschool day at Zoo Atlanta and they have a brand new program called Homeschool Academy.

Join Zoo Atlanta for an afternoon of learning and discovery designed specifically for home school students. The HomeSchool Academy is a unique program allowing students to explore animal and science concepts in a fun, interactive environment. Programs are grade-appropriate and include games, activities, Zoo tours and animal encounters.

Information on it crossed a list I’m on last week. I checked out the zoo’s website and found one must register and pay seven days in advance. So, I was lucky. One day later would have been too late for this month’s fun.

The 8 to 10 year old group was scheduled to learn about physical adaptations.

Discover the amazing adaptations that help animals survive.

Parents aren’t permitted….and I mourned a little over this as I’ve always wanted to see backstage at the zoo. But as they aren’t permitted and I get precious little time to myself, Marty took H.o.p. down, as he has just finished a big job down at the studio that has had him there 12 hours a day for weeks. (I planned to get some more writing done but then I took a Benadryl and sometimes Benadryl puts me to sleep and sometimes it doesn’t and today it knocked me out.)

H.o.p. promised me photos, taking along his little camera.

There were loads of kids. Marty said it took him 25 minutes to get H.o.p. checked in and they weren’t at the back of the line.

After the program yesterday, H.o.p. related excitedly that he had a great time and took a few photos, including this one of a model of a Panda skull. (His camera did surprisingly poorly at the zoo. Usually it does fairly well but the pictures today are all blurred and very overexposed. H.o.p. and I worked a little on this one in Photoshop.)

Marty says the educator told him, “You have a budding photojournalist.”

In other words, H.o.p. was the only one who took along a camera.

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