Have you ever seen a UFO? Interview #11

“I have.”

The interview concerns a sighting in Augusta, Georgia in the 1970s.

Idyllopus Press: OK, we’re recording now. Have you ever seen a UFO?

Software Developer: I have.

Idyllopus Press: You have? Really? Tell me about it.

Software Developer: I don’t remember too much other than it was at high school, during the day time, over the high school…

Idyllopus Press: This was in Augusta, Georgia.

“I saw a sort of a silver elongated thing, sort of in the distance, flying not over the school but past the school. It didn’t look like a plane but it may have been.”

Software Developer: Yes. I saw a sort of a silver elongated thing, sort of in the distance, flying not over the school but past the school. It didn’t look like a plane but it may have been.

Idyllopus Press: OK.

Software Developer: I couldn’t identify it.

Idyllopus Press: OK. So this was in the afternoon?

Software Developer: Yes, in the afternoon.

Idyllopus Press: Did it just track out of sight, you watched it slowly going out of sight?

Software Developer: I followed it for about a minute or so and then lost interest.

Idyllopus Press (laughing): Ok. That was some spectacular UFO sighting, hmmm? Very. It really held your attention there. The aliens weren’t too exciting.


Software Developer: Or I wasn’t too exciting to them.

Idyllopus Press: They weren’t too worried about you, were they?

Software Developer: They weren’t in the mood for an abduction that day.

Idyllopus Press: And they didn’t feel like they had to run off quickly when you saw them. What year was this?

Software Developer: 1976 to 1978, somewhere in there.

Idyllopus Press: Do you know anybody who’s seen a UFO?

Software Developer: Yes.

Idyllopus Press: Who?

Software Developer: My mother and my sister saw one. Which….they didn’t know what it was…now, they didn’t say it was from outer space…

Idyllopus Press: OK.

Software Developer: The thought was it was some sort of military aircraft but it sure had a lot of flashing lights if it was.

Idyllopus Press: Have you ever dreamt about UFOs?

Software Developer: No, I’ve never dreamt about UFOs.

Idyllopus Press: Now, the second question is what is the most interesting synchronicity you’ve ever experienced?

“I have synchronicities but none of them really are interesting.”

Software Developer: Most interesting. I mean I have synchronicities but none of them really are interesting.

Idyllopus Press: OK.

Software Developer: Where I’d think of a song I hadn’t heard in years and later on in the morning I would hear it.

Idyllopus Press: I know that happens a lot to some people. I’ve had that happen.

Software Developer: I’ve had that happen on quite a few occasions.

Idyllopus Press: Can you think of a specific song?

Software Developer: No.

Idyllopus Press: I can’t either.

Software Developer: And there was an odd synchronicity the other day. Let me think. You might want to turn that off while I think. (Indicates the recorder.)

Idyllopus Press: No that’s all right, I’ve got plenty of battery and memory here.

Software Developer: It might run out. Oh, OK. I’ve been thinking about doing a website.

Idyllopus Press: OK.

Software Developer: And the theme of the website would be green living.

Idyllopus Press: Oh, green living? All right.

Software Developer: Yeah. That sort of thing. Ever since I started riding the bus to work, I would, I’ve been thinking more of, you know, being departed from the use of fossil fuels…

Idyllopus Press: All right.

“I thought of a website name the other day and, oddly enough, that evening, my wife came up with the same name for the website.”

Software Developer: So I’ve been thinking about what website. So I thought of a website name the other day and, oddly enough, that evening, my wife came up with the same name for the website.

Idyllopus Press: That’s cool, I like that. That’s a good synchronicity.

Software Developer: I’m trying to think of what the name was. It’s…maybe by the end of…

Idyllopus Press: Well, you don’t have to give it. You don’t want anyone to steal it in the first place, you want to keep it a secret…

Software Developer: Well, I found out that someone had already taken it.

Idyllopus Press: Oh. OK.

Software Developer: Probably in India or something like that.

Idyllopus Press: You can’t remember what it was?

Software Developer: I’ll probably remember it by the end of the interview.

Idyllopus Press: That was a good synchronicity. We do a lot of that kind of thing around our household.

Software Developer: That was just the other day though and I thought it was so weird we both independently came up with the same name.

Idyllopus Press: The third question is if you have a story to tell, your story, unlikely that anyone else would have that story to tell, what would it be?

Software Developer: I wouldn’t say unlikely.

H.o.p.: The third question!

H.o.p. sings the first few notes of Beethoven’s Fifth.

“…we saw a falling star but it was actually a meteorite that hit a field probably…probably 200 feet away. I mean it was just spectacular.”

Software Developer: Uhm. This was an interesting thing that happened to my wife and I when we were living up in Woodstock, Georgia. We were driving…we were on our way home one night from Alpharetta, and we saw a falling star but it was actually a meteorite that hit a field probably…probably 200 feet away. I mean it was just spectacular. If we could do it all over again I wish we had stopped the car and I’d just scoured the field but it was at night. But I thought that was an interesting moment. I don’t think too many people would have encountered that…

Idyllopus Press: So close…

Software Developer: When they were with someone.

Idyllopus Press: Interesting as long as it doesn’t plunge through your car.

Software Developer: No.

Idyllopus Press: Ok, well thank you.

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Juli Kearns is the author of Thunderbird and the Ball of Twine and Unending Wonders of a Subatomic World (or) In Search of the Great Penguin. She is also an artist/photographer, and the person behind the web alter of "Idyllopus Press".

4 thoughts on “Have you ever seen a UFO? Interview #11”

  1. I’m replying here but it isn’t specifically about this entry. I was thinking about the
    fact that it seems like you’ve not had too much trouble finding people who’ve seen UFOs. I’d have thought it might have been a more rare event than it would seem. Interesting. Not sure what to make of that.

  2. Well, I’ve got less than a dozen interviews so far and that’s no base for thinking in terms of broad encompassing percentages. The next 10 interviews may have not a single person who’s seen a UFO.

    I am finding the interviews difficult in that usually there are things going on around that distract so I end up not getting to ask the kind of questions I’d like for presenting the scene and establishing context.

  3. i lived in Agusta, ga some time about 1987. I was out of school. I was with my friend brian who lived across the street. we were jumping on his trampoline in his backyard. doing flips and playing as children do. I noticed that it got dark quickly, as it was dusky outside now. i was walking back across the street to my house, and saw about 200 yards away above the tree tops i saw… only what i can discribe as a giant flying building. so big that i could not see the whole thing, it hoverd just above the trees, making no sound that i could hear. i remember freezing for a second, then yelling out to my friend brian who was seeing me off to my house, and had not yet entered his front door. he came over to the middle of the street between our houses and also witnessed the huge flying building. we both said to each other we should tell our parents. so we did. i remember asking my mom to call the police, and there was a huge ufo. by the time we got our parents outside to see what we had saw, it was gone. and my mother says she still remembers me begging her to call the police, and that i was very scared. In the late 90’s over lake erie in ohio, by perry… which has a huge no fly zone, because of the nuke plant. i saw many strange lights over the lake moving like no conventional aircraft that i know over. moving at extreme speeds, then stopping on a dime.was a very clear cloudless night from what i remember of it. I also saw the some of the lights on the news that someone cought on tape and sent in on the same night i saw them.

  4. When I was 12, myself and 2 friends were outside late at night, tired from basketball, and the oldest, Donnie yells “look”, it took us a little while to focus on what he saw, Way up in the stars, were 3 other objects moving in the same direction, and they weren’t moving like in perfect synch together, as we all 3 were very excited,but were they simply satellites, or moving stars or what the Hell are they, we were yelling, THEN all 3 at an Instant STOPPED, we just watched in amazement,, and like a Movie,, ZZZIITT,, they all 3 moved sideways in an angle, then Donnie says WOW, they changed their coarse,, him being older so that made sense, and then they all 3 carried on until they were out of site,, then Donnie says,, do you realize how far they were, way up in the stars, and how fast they moved changing coarse,, just in a flash speed they might have moved 100’s of miles,, it was Amazing, to think of what we might have seen, knowing no Satelite could possibly do that, and with no doubt, being way up in the stars !!

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