Have you ever seen a UFO? Interview #10

“Yes, I have.”

Interview with a nurse and mother of three children who saw a UFO in the Tampa Bay, Florida area as a youth. We did the interview surrounded by swirling, twirling children. Imagine sounds of rambunctious play (i.e. constant screaming, mostly joyful) in the background.

Idyllopus Press: I think we’re recording now. OK, I ask three questions. And the first question is, have you ever seen a UFO?

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: Yes, I have.

Idyllopus Press: You have seen a UFO? Tell me about it.

“there weren’t any plane sounds, no engine sounds to it at all, all we saw were flickering lights and they kind of zipped out of the sky.”

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: Well, when I was about ten years old I was with some friends and we were walking down the street and I looked up in the sky and there was…these lights that were like flickering and none of us could determine what it was and it lasted probably for about a couple of minutes then they just, it just went off. And we always wondered what it was because it didn’t make any sound, we couldn’t hear anything. There is an airport kind of nearby but there weren’t any plane sounds, no engine sounds to it at all, all we saw were flickering lights and they kind of zipped out of the sky.

Idyllopus Press: So it didn’t disappear, it just zipped out of the sky.

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: Yeah.

Idyllopus Press: In what direction?

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: I don’t know. I mean…

Idyllopus Press: To the side? Up?

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: Up. It was…

Idyllopus Press: Was it really fast?

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: It went really fast. It went really fast. And that’s the last I saw of it. Y’know, I told my parents about it and I don’t know I don’t remember if there was anything in the paper about it, if anyone else noticed it, but my friends noticed it. We were together.

Idyllopus Press: This was in Florida?

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: Yes, this was in Florida, in the Tampa Bay area.

Idyllopus Press: Tampa Bay area. And anything else after that?

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: No. Nothing else after that.

Idyllopus Press: Do you know anyone who’s seen a UFO?

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: Yes, I do. There was a man that lived in our town in Florida…

Idyllopus Press: So, same place in Florida?

“…they would see things and he saw some things too, but this was all out west like the Salt Flats where they were doing testing of planes…”

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: Same place in Florida, but he was with the military and I don’t remember what his role was but he did something like he knew about the people that flew the jets and they would see things and he saw some things too, but this was all out west like the Salt Flats where they were doing testing of planes and testing of stuff but he said he definitely believed in them because he had seen things that he couldn’t…there’s no way you could say well that’s another plane or that’s a weather balloon or whatever, and he really believed. He was a really intelligent man that was in the military and…he talked about some of his experiences to my parents, not really to me, but I knew that…it was kind of an unusual thing to meet somebody who was older that was older who actually believed there were such things as that.

Idyllopus Press: Second question. What is the most unusual synchronicity you’ve ever experienced?

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: Kind of describe what…

Idyllopus Press: A coincidence.

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: I’m trying to think of something. I remember…I mean…I remember coming back from being in Eastern Europe and at the airport in Germany and I ran into a girl I went to college with, we were getting on the same plane to come back to Atlanta and I hadn’t seen her in like ten years. So that was kind of neat, you know. I’d always kind of wondered what had ever happened to her. And, actually, she had a big job in the former Soviet Georgia, now the independent country of Georgia, and she worked under the Secretary of Health for the entire country and was a consultant to them through the Carter Center. But, uhm, that’s one of the things you never expect to have happen, to meet someone you know from Atlanta in Germany.

You know, that’s the most common reply so far on coincidences

Idyllopus Press: You know, that’s the most common reply so far on coincidences.

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: Really?

Idyllopus Press: Yeah, meeting someone again in an unexpected place, years distant.

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: Yeah, that’s the one thing I can really think of like that.

Usually I ask if you have a story to tell, that nobody else could tell, what would be that story?

Idyllopus Press: And the third question is a totally wide open one. Usually I ask if you have a story to tell, that nobody else could tell, what would be that story? Or a story you’d like to tell.

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: I think it would be about our youngest girl. My husband and I knew we were going to adopt again, and we thought we’d adopt another baby, we knew we’d adopt from China again, and then, uhm, this woman comes onto the list, a normal member of the list I’m on for the orphanage, and she describes this little girl that’s like three years old that had been on a waiting child list for a really long time, talking about how beautiful she was and…I thought…because those situations come up often on the site where they talk about a child from the same orphanage or something, and so I heard it and everything and I thought I’ll pray for this little girl, that she finds a family.

And like two months go by and it’s like every morning and every night when I go to bed, God was telling me to inquire more about her, and so I went to my husband and asked if I could request her file and so we did and once I read it I felt like we were supposed to adopt her but I was questioning because I was wondering, being older and having the problems she had would there be other problems as well? And I said, Lord, I just don’t know that I have what it takes to be a parent to her. And he said to me, she’s my daughter first, you just go the direction I’m sending you and I will give you whatever you need to be the mother of this child. And my husband was hesitant, worrying about what other medical problems there might be, complications, because of her age too, being so close in age to our oldest daughter. But it was like the Lord just kept telling me. And my husband said, “But he hasn’t told me anything,” and I said, “I know and we aren’t going to do anything unless both of us agree on it.” So he made a list of questions that he wanted the Chinese government to answer through their central adoption area. And they gave us an update and answered his questions and it wasn’t five hours after that report came through that he’s like, “Where do we sign up.”

So it was like all through that God was just confirming in me, you know, even with my husband having not been on the same page with me at that time, it was like God saying you move forward, you just keep going forward, and I will make things happen. And I think that’s the one thing that it’s taught me thought that situation because she’s just the most amazing child…it just taught me that when God provides an opportunity for you you have the choice of accepting that opportunity or rejecting that opportunity, but if you accept, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy but he’s going to give you the strength and everything you need to do the job that he’s placed before you to do, and you get that blessing of knowing that, the blessing that God has given you by giving you a child that…she’s such an incredible blessing, just like our other children are to us, but to think what if we had said no, I can’t even imagine what her life would be like or what our lives would be like today if we had decided it was a leap of faith we weren’t willing to take.

Idyllopus Press: She’s beautiful. Thank you.

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