University Place and Beyond – Revisiting “Eyes Wide Shut” – Google Maps Redux


East 11th and University Place – Revisiting “Eyes Wide Shut” – Google Maps Redux


As Bill Harford walked about the city, after leaving Marion’s, Kubrick provided several Greenwich Village anchor shots. Now, the day after his initial adventures, Bill returns to places he’d previously visited. Instead of being shown Greenwich Village, for some reason Kubrick instead gives East 11th and University as an anchor, before showing Bill arriving at the Rainbow only to find it closed.


East 13th and University Place – Revisiting “Eyes Wide Shut” – Google Maps Redux


Having then learned where Nick Nightingale is staying, Bill progresses there. Kubrick shows East 13th and University Place leading in to Bill’s visit to the Jason Hotel.

The view Kubrick had given from 11th was facing 13th. The view Kubrick gives from 13th is facing 11th. Thus, one sensibly feels that perhaps Bill’s destination has something to do with this area. At least that is what seems to be communicated visually. In both instances a Bowlmor banner, showing a pin, is on prominent display. And so the curious person is inclined to gravitate to the bowling pin. It is a signpost for Bowlmor lanes, located at 110 University Place.


110 Bowlmor Lanes – Revisiting “Eyes Wide Shut” – Google Maps Redux

After Bill finishes at the Jason, he heads back to the Rainbow (which we can see outside through the glass), but Kubrick gives an intercessory physical anchor of yet another intersection rather far afield, St. Mark’s Place and 2nd Avenue.


St. Mark’s and 2nd Avenue – Revisiting “Eyes Wide Shut” – Google Maps Redux


After Bill returns his costume (sans the missing mask) to the costume shot, we then have a shot of 450 Park Avenue and East 57th Street facing the Metlife building. This is followed by Bill at work, mulling over events, and finally taking the afternoon off to return to Somerton.


The Metlife Building – Revisiting “Eyes Wide Shut” – “Google Maps Redux


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