Revisiting “Eyes Wide Shut” – San Remo – Google Maps Redux Art


San Remo – Revisiting “Eyes Wide Shut” – Google Maps Redux

Bill and Alice live at the San Remo building at 145/146 Central Park West, though the exterior of the building doesn’t fit at all with the layout of the apartment but who cares. We’re twice given this anchor, between the scenes of Alice and Bill in the dressing room at film’s beginning, and later when Bill returns home from his second trip to Somerton.

The below image above is a side view of the building, from 74th Street.


A Back Fence – Revisiting “Eyes Wide Shut” – Google Maps Redux


San Remo Entrance – Revisiting “Eyes Wide Shut” – Google Maps Redux

Above is the front of the San Remo.

The first shot of the building in the film, Kubrick cutting to Bill at the dressing room window, Bill is searching for something but also looking out the window. What he’s looking at, if anything, or out what side of the building we don’t know.


The Benches – Revisiting “Eyes Wide Shut” – Google Maps Redux

In the shot of the building a man is seated on the far left of these benches across the street in front of the park.

Below are a couple of bonus shots, just because I like them. One is a corner view of the building neighboring the San Remo, between it and the Dakota, and the other shows a view of the benches before that building and a worker looking up at it. A much better bench shot than the above, but not the right building.


Looking up on Central Park West – Revisiting “Eyes Wide Shut” – Google Maps Redux


The Building Between the San Remo and the Dakota – Revisiting “Eyes Wide Shut” – Google Maps Redux

And then the shot of the building from the film.


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