“Definitely No King”

A while back it was proposed in the comment area of a section of my analysis on Kubrick’s The Shining that the item Danny carries into the maze, when exploring it with Wendy, worn on a kind of holster, may not be a toy gun but is possibly a small super 8 film camera. Wendy is, herself, carrying a Polaroid camera.

The Shining - The map of the maze has moved[clear]

The Shining - Turning left in the maze[clear]

This same object is seen on the table during “The Interview” section.

The Shining - Danny and Wendy eating lunch[clear]

Today, Qualo posted to the comment area a link to this photo which shows the object in question more clearly, and indeed it does not appear to be a toy gun, instead looking very much like a small super 8 film camera. To his left is Vivian Kubrick with her own camera, filming the documentary, to his right is Shelley (Wendy) who carries into the maze her Polaroid, then, of course, we have Kubrick, and behind him the steadicam operator, Garrett Brown.

Danny's toy

I was wondering if anyone can make a positive id on it now that we’ve this large image which gives a pretty clear view of the object.

Note the amusing “Definitely No King”, and Shelley Duvall smoking. So, smoking doesn’t seem to be the issue here.

Update Jan 21 2013: Steve has posted in the comments a link to a Star Trek Phaser II that appears to be a very very close match with the item that Danny is holding (perhaps some adjustments were made to the toy).


And a link to the Star Trek Phaser I.

Thank you!!

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  1. Remco was founded by two cousins: Ike Heller and Saul Robbins. Armand Daddis soon joined the two taking the company from simple ‘walkie-talkies’ to remote controlled toys. The name Remco comes from the two words “Remote Control” the “Rem-” and “co-” .

    Walkie talkies/remote control? Sounds a lot like the “shining” which Danny uses to communicate…

  2. “Definitely no King” must have been a jab at the book’s author, Stephen King, whose vision was drastically altered in the film by Kubrick. At least, that’s what immediately jumped into my mind upon seeing this image.

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