7 Replies to “Comments on Eyes Wide Shut – The Film’s Internal Logic for the Discovery of the Mask on the Pillow”

  1. Juli

    Freakin’ brilliant. How did you ever uncover that? The mask on the pillow was, for me, a major mystery of the film.

    I like how the shadows of the last photo create the illusion of a black cloak and there appears to be a weight on the pillow like a real head is resting on it.

    I guess there’s still no evidence that Alice found the mask and placed it on the pillow herself – so it seems “traum”novelle indeed for now.

    I hear that Kubrick screened “Eraserhead” for the cast of “The Shining” to put them in the proper mood for filming. Lynch was certainly big on employing dream states in his movies. The way I understand “Mulholland Drive” is that there are actually only a few moments of “reality’ in the movie. I wonder if the same might be true for “Eyes Wide Shut”.

    As i’m starting to flesh out on my blog gottfromnaught dream states play a large part in “The Shining” as well. I’ve linked the astrological significance of Neptune (dream state, addiction, psychology, the “Other”) to room 237 and I’m finding a few interesting ways of understanding the film.

    1. John, I’m not saying this would mean the story is a dream. Personally, I don’t think it is. There is nothing dream-like about the story, as far as dreams had while asleep. It may not be reality, but it represents reality.

  2. John, I was on my way elsewhere and replying quickly to the above. I should have added “IMHO”. What I meant is that real sleeping dream time organization of content and time isn’t what we’re seeing in “Eyes Wide Shut”.

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