690 Piedmont Avenue, Chatam Court

690 Piedmont Avenue, Midtown Atlanta

690 Piedmont Ave. Atlanta GA

As you can see, it too is on the list of National Register of Historic Places.

Chatam Court, 690 Piedmont Ave.

Across the street is 705 Piedmont Ave., another NRHP apartment building.

Chatam Court, sometimes given as Chatham Court, has another building behind it, part of the same complex, and on the 3rd Street side the name is given as Piedmont & Third Condominiums.

The 690 building was designed by Atlanta architect, Leila Ross Wilburn (1885-1967), who also designed the houses at 826 Penn and 315 Tenth Street in Midtown, and the Piedmont Park Apartments at 266 11th St. The two buildings at Piedmont and 3rd. hold 30, one and two bedroom units.

The Architecture Tourist Scratch Pad quotes Ms. Wilburn:

What we most need in America is a better class of small domestic architecture, one which shall provide us with homes more wholesome in their exterior appearance and more satisfying in their internal arrangement and finish.”

Wikipedia has information as well, including a link to an AJC tour of homes she designed.

What “I” had been told was that a reason the building made it into the NRHP was that it housed Jewish immigrants who’d survived the holocaust during WWII. If there is more information, I’d be interested in hearing it.

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