61 16th Street Apartment Building, NRHP (2 Views)

61 16th Street Apartment Building, Atlanta, GA

61 16th Street Apartment Building, Atlanta, GA

Took these two photos yesterday of the 61 16th Street Apartment building and uploaded them to Wikipedia in the public domain.

An example of Colonial Revival, constructed in 1924 by H. W. Nicholes & Son, the building was entered in the NRHP on August 30, 2006. It is still in use as condominiums.

What makes this building so special, I don’t know. The architect also was one who designed houses for Brookwood Hills. To my uneducated eye they looked unremarkable enough as they’re very much like other apartment buildings of the era, but it would seem there’s more than meets the pedestrian’s eye.

I would think that Midtown claims them as Midtown claims MODA (the building is directly behind) but I’ve also seen this listed as being in Ansley Park.

A parking garage is directly opposite, which made difficult stepping back for a good view. A woman was in one of the cars out front and whiled away her time leaning out the window watching me shoot photos, which meant some extra time photoediting her out of sight.

MODA, the Museum of Design Atlanta, is the large building next door.

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