The Geneva Green Room

BUSH: Hey, Tony, look at this.
BLAIR: Damn it all, what do you want now?
BUSH: If you take the letters DSM and turn the M upside down and put it in front of the D you get WDS. Isn’t that somethin’?
BLAIR: What’s WDS?
BUSH: Y’know, Weapons of mass DeStruction.
BLAIR: That’s WMD, you idiot.
BUSH: Oh. Right. (Pause.) If you took the S and bent one of the ends back and put it in the middle it would…
BLAIR: No, it wouldn’t.
BUSH: Ok. (Pause.) But WDS is the same as WMD.
BLAIR: WDS is not WMD nor is it almost WMD. WDS has never been and never will be an acronym for Weapons of Mass Destruction.
BUSH: But if WDS was WMD then wouldn’t that be funny?
BLAIR: I don’t have a clue what you’re getting at.
BUSH: I’m not getting at anything, I”m just saying that’s somethin’, don’t you thnk?
BLAIR: No, I don’t think.


BUSH: Ok, what about this, if you took the…
BLAIR: Oh, go piss yourself. There is no WMD there.


BUSH: Rumsfeld would understand.

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