Oh m'god, those look like…scientists!

Just had to note this. A couple days ago I wandered into the plant room (the nook where our plants live, that has sunlight) and looked out the window to see a man in his late 50s or early 60s and one in his late 30s on the opposite sidewalk engaging in body language that isn’t typical for the neighborhood. I won’t say exactly what it was about them that made me think “Scientists?”, but I grew up around scientists and as I stood and looked at them I thought, “They’ve got to be,” and was amused by this. I almost went outside to say, “Hey, I bet you’re scientists!!! I knew it! My dad’s one! Did you know your body language is trademark scientist??! I know you think your clothes scream ‘general hike-worthy touristy population’, and had you been a single you might not have caught my attention, but where two or more gather there shall the unmistakable spirit of science be evident. And you look like you’re feeling a little lost and trying to figure out, in your science kind of way, how to get to Mary Mac’s restaurant and then back to train. Right? Here, let me give you directions.”

But I didn’t.

And, as it turns out, I bet they were. The next day I read over on one of the science blogs there was a big science convention here.

Anyway, to the scientists out there, don’t change a thing. I think it’s cute.

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