Woke up, made coffee, stepped outside to watch the Peachtree Road Race

We woke up, made coffee, then stepped outside to watch the finish of the Peachtree Road Race.

10 or so cases of bottled water were sitting in the hall.

Peachtree Road Race Winner (from the rear, as I was clapping as he passed)

Above is the winner in the men’s division, Ethiopian Terefe Maregu. Yes, from the rear, but I was clapping as he came running by (we were one block from the finish).

I didn’t get a photo of any of the other winners because, again, I was wildly clapping.

But, hell, as far as I’m concerned, anyone who crossed the finish line was a winner.


55,000 participants, all shapes and sizes. Amazing how there wasn’t a uniform or predominant body type constructed by training…except for a set of twins who wore identical gear exposing apparently identical physiques. And, no, I don’t have a photo of them either because I was marveling at that exceptional similitude as they passed. The same way I was marveling at how un-uniform everyone else was.


The empty sidewalk is because the last block was, well, blocked off.


After the finishing participants picked up their t-shirts, some came looking for the train. But the street they needed to cross was blocked…because of the race.

When we came back inside, the 10 or so cases of bottled water that had been stacked in the entryway were gone.

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