Do you want to see a photo of Marty’s kombucha tea culture, which after a number of months and much experimentation and loving attention has yet to deliver a decent tasting batch?

Probably not.

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  1. http://www.consciouschoice.com/2007/05/kombucha0705.html

    Also called mushroom tea though instead it has to do with yeast and beneficial bacteria.

    It has been a fixture on the refrigerator for months, new batches being made but I don’t think Marty even drinks it now, he just occasionally tastes, hoping for something better than it is, then tries again. A friend of his at the studio swears by it and gave Marty the initial culture. I think it’s beneficial in that it provides B vitamins and a hobby where you have a glass jar and a culture to attend to and PH levels to measure. Not unlike an aquarium. I’m not being disparaging, I just don’t care for it at all and neither does Marty much, and yet he persists, I think hoping to finally get a batch that he likes. I have tasted a store bought kombucha, a ginger kombucha that I liked…but it was super expensive, $3.50 for a bottle, thus I’ve only tasted it once. Store bought kombucha tends to be very expensive.

    This is different from the Yogi kombucha green tea that Marty likes to drink. Though we mostly drink just plain old green tea.

    I have been trying different teas since April. After I had that last flu, my body wasn’t interested in coffee for a couple of weeks and I picked up regularly drinking tea.

  2. I hadn’t heard of that at all. In a way it sounds really disgusting. On the other hand I regularly take probiotics and at this point I would swear by them so I can understand about how beneficial bacteria could be helpful. One thing that came to mind when reading about it was that there is a drink that is referred to in Hinduism as soma. I thought it was associated with mushrooms but I can’t find that reference when I just did a quick search. Anyway, it struck me that kombucha is from Asia and that Hinduism has this idea of this drink, soma. Probably no connection at all, just what I thought of when reading about it. What does it taste like? Or maybe it only tastes like whatever it is in?

  3. It tastes like very vinegary green tea (Marty starting with green tea). The store kombucha I had was a bit less sour than what Marty has come up with, yet still pretty vinegary, and sweeter.

  4. Mmmmm…kefir.I do like that stuff! The name Activia is familiar but not sure what it is. A couple of years ago I started buying probiotics in pill form so I take them that way. I reached a point of realizing I just don’t handle dairy products very well anymore. I do still eat small amounts of cheese from time to time and sometimes will eat milk-based things like yogurt or kefir but mostly I’ve switched to soy yogurt, and soy generally and then take these pill probiotics. They seem to be very helpful.

  5. P.S. Does this mean I’m getting old since I’m talking about improved digestion? Oh well. Did you have a birthday recently? I thought of it a few days ago, thinking it’s about this time of year.

  6. Yeah, I had my birthday this past week. You’ve a good memory! It was a nice one, thanks.

    All this talk of yogurt reminds me of how H.o.p. used to love to play with yogurt on the bathroom mirror, fingerpainting with it.

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