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Shorty’s has great pizza.  And Key Lime pie.  I know because we went out there tonight to see King Johnson.  That link is to their myspace page where they have some songs up off the 2005 album that Marty mixed.  Great fun, funky band. This was one of  of their two reunion shows. I love Oliver Wood’s playing and was really looking forward to this.  And some good pizza and good Key Lime pie.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Shorty’s is a good place for kids.  H.o.p. went.  We stuffed ear plugs in his ears.

For the second set, at the request of the audience, they cleared a space for a dance floor, pushing tables out of the way.

H.o.p. drug me out on the dance floor.  Marty (who can’t dance) held the table.

H.o.p. was a dancin’ fool.  Had a grand old time.  Around five songs into the set he finally tired himself out and we left.

He likely would have been up dancing to Heston’s music at Center Stage Friday night if there’d been a dance floor, but there wasn’t.   

Heston was opening for Liz Wright and had a standing ovation all around at the end of his show. He’s a fine showman. A sincere singer and showman whom Marty’s worked with for a while and the CD, “StoryTeller”, is finally coming out August 19th. He’s getting some nice advance reviews.

Soultracks.com writes (in part):

On Storyteller, Heston proves he is a soul original. After so many recent misfires by heavily marketed, but underwhelming “soul” singers, it’s nice to finally witness a debut artist fulfill the hype. For that, Heston, we thank you. Highly recommended.

In March, Heston broke SoulTracks’ one month download record with “Brand New U”.

I love taking H.o.p. to see people he knows perform. And he loves going and is one of the best young fans anyone could have. Attentive in earnest and appreciative. He loves a good show and is eager to reward with enthusiastic applause.

And, when there’s a floor, he’ll dance with a wonderful kind of gently tethered abandon, and what I mean by that is a mix of youthful disjointed funk, disco arms, ballroom twirls, walk-like-an-Egyptian hands and country square dance liberally punctuated with pogoing.

You can’t ask any more out of a fan than their showing what a good time their having, and H.o.p. delivers.

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