The Rain Check

H.o.p. is posting some of his comics again over on his blog. On top of all the other drawings he does, and still making a lot of neat little sculptures, he’s churning out about 6 Angsley, Kitty and Catter cartoons a day this week.

On Monday, while the landlord was here with his helper fixing the kitchen cabinet (which was threatening to fall down), H.o.p. began drawing these cartoons of Angsley and Kitty in order to entertain them, and continued yesterday and today.

Below is one of my favorites.

H.o.p. art - Kitty and the Rain Check

This one is pretty good too.

H.o.p. art - NOT!

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Juli Kearns is the author of Thunderbird and the Ball of Twine and Unending Wonders of a Subatomic World (or) In Search of the Great Penguin. She is also an artist/photographer, and the person behind the web alter of "Idyllopus Press".

2 thoughts on “The Rain Check”

  1. These are fun. I like the way the shape of the page in the second one seems to relate to the way the creatures are leaning and moving. The long ears are great! So pointy and sharp.

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