Friends don't let friends use Behr paint

This past weekend I painted the kitchen and Marty painted the bathroom.

Friends don’t let friends use Behr paint.

The thing is, the wide world web had ample opportunity to warn me, “DON’T USE THE BEHR PAINT! IT IS THIN! IT DRIPS! AND DRIPS SOME MORE! THEN DRIPS LOTS LOTS LOTS MORE WHEN YOU’RE NOT LOOKING!”

No one bothered.

Of course, we’d already purchased the paint for the kitchen and it’s not like we would have thrown it out and dashed down to the store for the Sherwin Williams. So, never mind.

I painted the kitchen

I also got the camera back, which has been in the shop for a while and was thoroughly dysfunctional for a while before that, the while that I was getting used to the idea of letting it out of my hands and sending it off to be repaired.

One of these days I’ll get a decent lens for it other than the kit lens.

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7 thoughts on “Friends don't let friends use Behr paint”

  1. Well, the colors look nice in the photo. But drippy paint is not so good. The other thing that can be bad about some paints is that they are thin and don’t cover well. It’s been a really long time since I’ve painted walls or trim or anything.

  2. Some years ago my dad painted the kitchen. He got Benjamin Moore. He used two coats of primer. It took four coats of paint to cover. To be fair, it had a lot of ugly fake wood paneling to cover, which is no small task. But still.

    If it’s any consolation, your kitchen looks fun.

  3. I am using Behr’s paint at the moment and I can’t say I will buy it again. It drips everywhere and you constantly have to go over the drips with a roller and essentially watch the paint dry to make sure the drips don’t roll on the floor or dry and leave a drip mark on the wall. I’ve also noticed it comes off the wall very easily. If anything scratches up against the wall such as a broom handle, the paint scratches, even after it has had several days to dry. I have three small children and have to often scrub walls. I am cringing at how much paint will come off when it comes time to clean the wall.

  4. I call it Behrly paint. It is the weakest paint I have ever used. I am a professional painter and will use Valspar all day over Behr. Olympic is my second choice. On customer request, I will use anything except Behr. If they want Behr, I won’t do the job.

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