The Heard Museum

Day 10. We went to the Heard Museum.

David Hannan's "Untitled (the hunt/hunted)", Heard Museum, Phoenix
Untitled (the hunter/hunted) by David Hannan b. 1971
Untitled (the hunt/hunted), 2006-2007
Mixed media installation

Metis artist David Hannan works with taxidermy-form sculptures to explore aspects of union, adaptation and metamorphosis. Hannan’s taxidermy hybrids present tension and beauty in the merging of animals into sculptures. Many of the themes in Hannan’s art derive from his Aboriginal heritage, particularly his engagement with history and notions of territory. His work uses taxidermy forms to make transformational sculptures that evoke emotional responses of fear, endearment and aggression. Traditionally, taxidermy forms have been used as the basis of a hunter’s trophy, here the skin of an animal is stretched over the form to be preserved. In Hannan’s work however, instead of using animal skin, he uses packing tape to wrap and produce new species.
–from All Creatures at Gallery 101, Ottawa, Ontario, 2006

Heard Museum, Life In A Cold Place Exhibit, 2008
Heard Museum, Life in a Cold Place Exhibit, Arctic Art from the Albrecht Collection.
Custodian sweeping.

Then that evening we enjoyed dinner at The Cheesecake Factory with my parents.

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