"Here, Kitty Kitty!"

Juli Kearns H.o.p. art 4 Comments

Here Kitty-Kiitty! (H.o.p. art)
Here Kitty! Kitty!
Copyright H.o.p. 2008

What fun.

Am listening to Marc Gunn’s Irish and Celtic podcast. That’s fun as well.

Loading music onto the iPod for the trip.

I lost my bagpipe CD. I need to find some bagpipe music.

Yes, I love bagpipes.

Marty does not. He finds them irritating.

I used to fancy learning to play the bagpipes.

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  1. Probably destined to become another t-shirt. He has a small but growing group of adult fans of his t-shirts. There was a definite t-shirt one that I hope I haven’t lost. I was looking for it last night and couldn’t find it. 🙁

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