Tornado watch in wake of EF2 Tornado motivates child to secure toys

So we got slammed by an EF2 tornado just a mile or so from here last night. The first ever tornado to hit downtown Atlanta. No damage to our neighborhood but this map shows just how much of the downtown area, into Cabbagetown, was hit.

As it turns out there was no tornado warning issued until a few minutes before the tornado struck about 9:40-9:45. Marty and I had been listening to our new Return to Inverness CD and had dozed off in the living room. At 9:35 I woke up and came in to the computer to check out the new video card we’d installed earlier. Then the power went out, probably at the time the tornado hit. It was only out for a minute or so. I’ve heard tornadoes before, like a roaring train, and we heard nothing like that. Other than the power going out, and rain and lightning, it was quiet here.

A tornado watch today is in effect until 7 p.m. Concerned now, H.o.p. made a fortress for his most treasured toys under the dining table. We had been talking about where a good secure place to go in the apartment was in case of a tornado, and I’d told him in this interior room under our oak pub table. So he took his tote bags and stuffed them full of toys he wants to keep from harm and packed the space under the table full with them. If anything was to happen there’d be room for H.o.p. under the table as well. I guess I’d get under my desk. But it seems that the more serious weather today and current tornado warnings seems to be passing north of Atlanta.

So far there are no fatalities reported for last night which is freakishly lucky. One news report, detailing the nature of the extensive damage at the Word Congress Center, said that if there had been people inside there would likely have been a number of deaths.

P.S. Well, I spoke too soon. We’ve got a tornado warning current for the downtown area through midtown near Piedmont Park. I think through around 4:10.

P.P.S. Got lots of hail. The news reported baseball size hail falling all over downtown but here the storm brought with it a lot of marble sized hail that quickly vanished.

Why do weather forecasters say, “We’ve got lots of weather…”

I thought weather just was and you qualify it.

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