We're fine (if anyone is worried about the tornado that hit)

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A tornado hit downtown but we’re about a mile and a half distant from where most of the damage was concentrated. Our power went out for a bit but we didn’t have the television on and had no idea there was a tornado warning, we were only aware there was a storm. We didn’t know what had happened until we started getting phone calls asking if things were okay.

Marty drove over to see if the studio was all right, and it wasn’t hit either and the streets are clear. The power, however, is out over there and for blocks all around.

There was a lot of damage over in Cabbagetown and East Atlanta. CNN and the Omni Hotel were hit fairly hard and some of the downtown streets are looking pretty trashed out on the news.

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  1. Watching the news and hearing it asked if the aquarium had sustained any damage, I remembered your niece.

    They’re saying right now that they don’t believe there was any damage to it.

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