2 thoughts on “Man With Warhol’s Elvis at MoMA”

  1. Wow! That is SO great! This is so strong compositionally as well as the dialogue between Warhol, the person standing there, and Elvis-as-icon. It’s like the man standing there has become an icon, too. And the contrasts of their faces, Elvis, intense ferocious look, the man looking pleasant, amused. When I was looking at some of your other MoMA photos at your flicker site, there was another one that had also caught my attention. It had a young woman on the left (I think it was a young woman), right on the edge of the picture plane so that she was half in and half out. And the art that was completely within the photo was a surrealist work, I’m now totally blanking on his name. Arrgh. I had remembered it last night. Magritte. I had to look it up. All I could remember was surrealist and Belgian. Anyway, it was as if the woman on the left was a part of the surrealist world of the painting, that point being emphasized by the framing of your photo itself and then the painting on the wall within the photo.

  2. Thank you.

    I love this guy, too. Plus here he stands beside Elvis with his gun and is holding his wife’s bag. Yes, many men carry bags–Marty quite often carries a tote bag and H.o.p. is growing up feeling comfortable with carrying a bag (he has always so much to carry along with him)–but this man was holding his wife or girlfriend’s bag while she took the picture and he’s having such a great time, it seems, there seems to be a lot of humor in it for him.

    The He Man Elvis with his gun beside the amused man holding the bag.

    I had to go back and look for the other picture because it had slipped out of my mind, not ending up being one of my favorites. I prefer another where a woman is half in and half out of the picture frame in relation to a Picasso.

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