Well, one can't say the universe isn't into novelty

I read the Bad Astronomy Blog and watch Phil Plait’s films, and sometimes read parts of the posts to H.o.p., like today’s which was on the age of the universe and how it was formed and the birth of hydrogen. “That is so cool,” H.o.p. said.

Hydrogen means something to us as we’ve purchased a couple of things on the Periodic Table of Elements this year. I’m not crazy about the materials I’ve forked out money for but H.o.p. likes the latest one, which has funky pictures representing the different elements, and likes to read it before going to bed. Honestly, he does. I don’t think he gets much out of it, but he enjoys it none-the-less.

Hydrogen, I guess, was the decision that novelty was the way to go. “Just wait uhm 13 billion years and see what this moment hath wrought.”

While I’m getting my butt kicked again by yoga tomorrow, I will meditate upon the birth of hydrogen (like sure, but a bit about it will probably pop up in my fiction, which means I will indeed be meditating upon it actually).

I really want the yoga thing to become a habit and don’t want it sneaking out the door one morning with the plea of, “yes, we really ought to get together again, give me a call some time”.

Anyway, I breathed a lot today. Intentionally. The kind where you’re supposed to constrict your throat and make yourself sound like the ocean in a seashell just like H.o.p. was listening to and experimenting with today because of one of Krampf’s science videos. But I didn’t sound so much like an ocean at first. I sounded like really bad sinus congestion. So I adjusted it some and came up with a sound like someone snoring. Eventually, I wound my way around to sounding a lot like a kind of phone call you hang up on. Would that be ocean breath if I added salt?

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2 thoughts on “Well, one can't say the universe isn't into novelty”

  1. Okay, you’ve made me laugh with both this you’ve posted and the other one about Flylady. I’ve heard of Flylady and once a long time ago visited the website but then promptly forgot about it. I guess my house probably shows, too. Who knew there was a day of the week I should be vacuuming. I can’t even seem to get it done once a month. And that bit about the shoes and having to wear them in the house—???????!!!!! I don’t think so. I like padding around barefoot (or sock footed in the winter). And your description of yoga breathing is very funny, though the sinus congestion is undoubtedly not funny at all. But yeah, keep doing it. And if your nose is too clogged, just breathe through your mouth. It’ll be okay.

  2. None of us here wear shoes inside. As with you, for me it’s socks during the winter and bare feet the rest of the time.

    I think I’m getting ocean breath…

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