Cosmeo No Longer Has Maths Mansion (durn)

We use Cosmeo quite a bit and H.o.p. really enjoys it.

He really enjoyed the Brit show Maths Mansion which he discovered via Cosmeo, which was filmed about 2001 and is a math adventure game geared for 9 to 11 year olds (not to be confused with the Ms. Infinity’s Math Mansion).

Then suddenly the videos were gone from Cosmeo, not long after we discovered them and had begun making our way through them. I contacted Cosmeo and got no response. I contacted Cosmeo again saying we had really enjoyed them and were wondering if they would be getting them back and finally got a terse reply that said they’d done a search and saw no they were no longer available but could offer no reason why except for some perhapses such as perhaps the license had lapsed.

My question had been IF they would be getting them back. Instead I get, “Oh, yes, I see they aren’t there any longer.”

We already knew they were no longer there, which was why I was writing and asking if and when they might get them back.

There were 40 10 minute Maths Mansion shows and only 10 of them are available via Youtube.

You can purchase DVDs 1 and 2 from overseas via the Channel 4 Learning Shop but the cost is about $100 per DVD.

OUCH! $200 for 2 DVDs.

I don’t think so.

It’s too bad Cosmeo let the license lapse because H.o.p. was getting a lot out of the shows.

Raspberry on that.

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