Charlie Ducklin’s Bad Day

Juli Kearns H.o.p. art 3 Comments

Charlie Ducklin’s having a baaad day.

Another movie by H.o.p. I’m loving his Charlie Ducklin. H.o.p. went through a period, when he was five, of watching Charlie Chaplin. He loved his comedy.

The music is Chocotiger’s rendition of the “Maple Leaf Rag” over at Youtube.

Comments 3

  1. So did I. H.o.p. told me, “You’re going to be surprised.” And I was. I love that moment when Charlie Ducklin looks up just before the anvil drops. (It’s supposed to be an anvil.)

  2. I thought it was probably supposed to be an anvil a la cartoon cliche. There something so NOT cliche about it though, which is why it made me laugh.

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