Superduck Saves the Day (Again)!

H.o.p. did this animation yesterday, then we worked on it today.

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He hopes it will entertain you.

We also hit the Atlanta History Center again. I may or may not have a pic or two. The plan was just to walk the gardens, getting acquainted with them, but instead we ended up doing the tour of the old Tullie Smith farm house (dates from the 1840s), then roamed the auxiliary buildings and had fun looking at the sheep and chickens.

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4 thoughts on “Superduck Saves the Day (Again)!”

  1. Superduck is so colorful! And capable. I did enjoy this, too.

    As to the Tullie Smith house, I did finally go to see it about 3 years ago, I think. It was funny walking around in it. I had known it from afar for many years when it was in its original location. Back then I knew it as The House on the Hill. It was over on North Druid Hills Road. I was intrigued by the house but also the mailbox, which was a replica of the house itself. So, after years of looking at it as we drove by, and wondering what it was like on the inside, it seemed funny to actually be inside it. It seemed smaller than I’d expected but I liked it, and the grounds around it. I understand that they do cooking demonstration/classes sometimes, teaching people who to cook in one pot over an open fire. I think that would be fun to learn to do.

  2. We did the 4:00 tour which, it seems, means no special stuff. Such as they didn’t even take us around the auxiliary buildings. A person in costume was there (one) but he was obviously ready to be getting and move on and was scarce. When we got there, we were told that the tours were probably all done for the day so I was surprised that they even were doing the tour of the house.

    One thing nice about the grounds were the smells, the whiffs of foresty stuff, in the middle of the city. That was lovely.

    It reminded me that I’ve never toured the Fernbank rose gardens. I need to do that some day.

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