Duck Joplin

H.o.p. worked on this little movie today (even though it says January, we did it today). I aided him with the technical aspects of putting it together on the computer, but he did all the animation and the story himself, and found the music he wanted to add to it. I helped him to implement what he wanted in Photoshop and Quicktime and doing the recording in Audacity, then getting it up.

It was a long day as we did two movies.

A longer day because the conversion from a mov file to flv at Dreamhost was mucking everything up and I’ve spent TWO HOURS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHY after spending all day working on these two movies with him. Unable to figure out why it was all mucked up and stalling and cutting out, I finally just converted to the d**** flv myself and it seems to be working fine.

P.S. Forgive the background hum. I forgot to cut off the speakers when recording the Scott Joplin music for this. H.o.p. found a site with the music and I had to set up the mic next to his speakers and record it off his computer, but I forgot to turn off my speakers while recording and got this terrible, annoying hum. But H.o.p. likes it. He thinks it contributes to the antique ambiance. He put up the movie on his website and titled it, “Charlie Ducklin”. Cute!

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