Robot Escapes a Dungeon

This is the other movie we did today. Again, H.o.p. did the story and animation and I helped him with the technical aspects of putting it together on the computer.

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To my knowledge there are no parts 1 through 3.

It turns out he’d lost his camera (!!!!!!) and didn’t tell us, then found it yesterday under a bunch of his junk in a drawer. So now he’s all eager to get back to doing movies.

“I’m all out of practice,” he says.

Frankly, I think he was also going through a period of exasperation with the whole process of animation because today he admitted that he was getting tired of taking so many shots trying to get things to look right. Consequently, today he did not take that many shots for these movies. And, as he said…

“I’m all out of practice.”

I’m trying to talk him into not doing epics (he starts out with big ambitious projects and burns himself out) and instead try practicing doing little short scenes.

He’s very excited (VERY EXCITED!) about finally having sound on his movies, so I expect to see soon a number of movies of robot thwarting villains.

P.S. The Fire Rhino???!!! The Fire Rhino!!! Love it. The fire becoming a FIRE RHINO!

P.P.S. Yes, I know we misspelled “villains”. I could always blame it on H.o.p. and you wouldn’t know any better (would you) but that one is actually my fault.

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4 thoughts on “Robot Escapes a Dungeon”

  1. Very cool! I enjoyed the duck waving in particular, in the first one, and all that fire and dramatic music in Robot Escapes Dungeon. I sometimes think I must have a very insensitive ear because I didn’t even notice the hum in the one with the duck.

    I remember at one time I thought I would like to be an animator. And then I learned how much work was involved in making even small movements. I concluded I just didn’t have that kind of patience. Which is part of why I have been SO impressed with all of the animations H.o.p. makes. I could never have done that when I was your age, H.o.p. And you have a great assistant, by the way.

  2. I love the duck waving as well.

    There are a number of reasons you may not have noticed the hum. The bass level on your speakers and their quality. I have cheap speakers but I’ve had cheaper which didn’t provide much range.

    I make for a tolerably good assistant.

    H.o.p. will be very pumped up by your compliments. As he really really wants his movies to be fun for people, he loves knowing when someone has watched a movie and enjoyed it.

  3. Well, I watched all 3 of these movies and enjoyed them, especially this one, even if I never find out whether the robot gets past the fire rhino at the gate.
    Nice sound track.

  4. Thanks, Jim. Marty, I think, likes this one best as well, while I am enjoying best the birth of Charlie Ducklin. H.o.p. went through a phase of watching Charlie Chaplin when he was five, and still does occasionally. I was highly amused when he came up with Charlie Ducklin.

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