Some Book Buying Out of the Way

Anybody got a Harold Jacob’s “Mathematics, A Human Endeavor” book they want to sell me for cheap? Never mind. I found a second edition copy that I purchased for $26.

I should not have. H.o.p. will hate it. But we’ll have it none-the-less.

I’m on a math list that is starting a study using the book, the plan being to use the first edition as it was very available and cheaper than the 3rd edition which goes for something like $75. But everyone started buying the first edition and the cost leaped to $50 and up for it.

In the meanwhile, Amazon tells me that I would be interested in all these books on the Mysteries of Mithras, which I would be, but there are so many and I can’t decide which one to buy. And I need other things besides.

Or I don’t.

Do I really need to buy a book specially on the Periodic Table of Elements with its own chart appropriate for hanging on the wall? A couple of months ago, I joined another list specifically for learning the Periodic Table of Elements and purchased a Periodic Table of Elements through it and was a little dismayed by the Table and accompanying material, that I paid for information that I can find better presented on the internet, nor have I been impressed with the list. But such is life and I didn’t pay that much. So…whatever.

Instead of buying any books on the Mysteries of Mithras I instead purchased for H.o.p. The Story of Mankind and A Little History of the World and The Story of Art and The Periodic Table, Elements with Style.

As my reward for spending my money on periodic tables instead of Mithraic Mysteries, I’m now going to go watch “Shakes, the Clown”.

I love that movie.

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