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Cactus and Palms and Pink Condo, Arizona
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I am still archiving (uploading) pics to Flickr. Most are family style snapshots and photos I’ve not done anything with but would still like to archive, and so are private and unavailable for viewing (not even family wants to see these pics). And am still also going through and replacing the viewable images with full size.

And there’s a growing number of H.o.p.’s photos up there. A lot of stills I’ve archived for him that he’s done for his animations. There are more on CDs. Somewhere. It’s just for his convenience. That way he can easily go check out some of what he’s done. I’ve animations to put up as well but won’t be getting to that until later, which will be some work as I’m thinking of putting them up on his website instead of Youtube.

Like cats. H.o.p.’s photos multiply like cats.

I noticed, with great surprise, I had over 9000 photos up for public viewing on Flickr. WHAT? How could that be? Then it occurred to me to do an approximate count of how many pictures I’ve uploaded of H.o.p.’s over the past couple of weeks. The number is over at least 8100 (update: counted over 8500). I’d not realized it was that many.

He wants them all available for public viewing.

And this is supposedly my photostream? I don’t think so. I should change the name of it to H.o.p.’s photostream, with a few of my pics thrown in on the side.

It is taking forever.

In the meanwhile, H.o.p. has stopped taking any pictures for animations or anything the past several weeks. He had been using the Kodak that his godmother sent us last year, and that stopped working, and when that stopped working is, I realize, when he stopped taking pictures. Though he still has the older little camera, he hasn’t returned to it. An uncle-in-law of his has gotten a new movie camera and several weeks ago promised H.o.p. his old one, which does stop motion stills. I think H.o.p. has decided to wait it out until he gets that camera. Instead he just keeps churning out heaps of sketches.

H.o.p. has gone back to practicing typing. When the program says he is not supposed to look at his hands, he takes it seriously and has me put a towel over them. To give him practice writing on the computer, I’ve started doing Google Chat with him.

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