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H.o.p. Art - Mission Martian Search

Haven’t uploaded anything for H.o.p. in a long while. Stacks of drawings pile up several feet high all over the apartment. I need to start getting some of them scanned in. Was just doing this one tonight because I find it heartwarming that his conviction that Martians exist is unflagging.

This is a little sketch he did in one second then finished in Photoshop, quickly illustrating for me how he wanted to design a Land Rover that would seek out those Martians. These days he spends a good bit of time working on producing finessed figures, like he sees in comic art, but I like his little flash sketches for their energy.

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  1. He usually asserts now that they’re composed of red Martian dust and that this is why we haven’t found them, but occasionally drifts back over to the little green man camp of extra-terrestrial devotion.

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