Venus and Adonis
Venus and Adonis
Washington Road, Augusta, Georgia
Oct 2007

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Marty’s mother lives in Augusta and we were down there yesterday for her birthday. The Venus and Adonis hairstyling palace is representative of Washington Road, the main drag down to the Augusta National Golf Course where The Masters is held. If I remember correctly it used to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken. The transformation into a beauty salon took place at least twenty years ago. That there’s a Venus & Adonis Hairstyling West implies there is a Venus & Adonis Hairstyling East. I’ve never seen it though.

Twenty years in business. We used to laugh when we drove by. But this is how you spell success, evidently, and who’s to argue when how many other businesses on jam packed Washington Road have the life span of a gnat. V+E+N+U+S+&+A+D+O+N+I+S plus STATUARY. I’m thinking that I should redo all my websites and put up a version of Venus and Adonis instead.

I took a few more pics of Washington Road and will post them tomorrow. I think.

Off to Etowah though it’s looking like rain (of which we’re in dire need). Trying to get H.o.p. moving. He’s about the slowest individual in the world.

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