FERTILITY FIGURES Series of Digital Paintings

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Fertility Figure #6
Fertility Figure #6
24 in wide by 18 in high


I was pleased when a blogging friend emailed some images as candidates for a Fertility Figure likeness. The style I did the painting in is a little different from the other Fertility Figures, but it fits. I really like the hand on hip stance and the lace and necklace.

Snowqueen over at “Because I’m Worth It” was the contributor, which I believe I can confess as she pulled out Photoshop and went to work on her photos herself and has posted the results.

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  1. Actually I love yours – it’s what I looked like in my 30’s (as you’ve ‘trimmed’ me) so for me it has a kind of familiarity that my own photos don’t because I’ve never quite got used to the weight I put on after having children.

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