5 thoughts on “FERTILITY FIGURE #2”

  1. Here’s what I related to Snowqueen in the post below:

    The pursuit of greatly exaggerated this and that, and all the photos and art thereof, and celebrity cults, and status surgeries, and the internet reliably disseminating it all with great vigor. When viewed from a couple thousand years’ distance it’s viewed as to do with peculiar fertility rites. But I doubt most people who follow links from sites like Boingboing to the latest in cheesecake are thinking, “Fertility figures.”

    So, I thought it would be interesting to do a series of fertility figures.

    And though these are only 20 by 30 inches I was thinking what an impression a set of breasts would make enlarged to near filling a wall. But 20 by 30 is a fairly respectable size for now.

  2. At first when I looked at these two images you posted I was thinking that had a looseness and a feel of line that had me thinking they were H.o.p.’s. And then I thought…WAITA SECOND…those don’t seem like things he would be drawing just yet! I like your fertility figures. Will you be doing more of them?

  3. Nina, I used to work a lot with ink and brush when I was a teen and this is how I’d do it. Very spare lines. Or spare lines with ink washes. Very loose lines.

    My mother has mentioned how H.o.p.’s hand is like mine that way but he’s never seen me do inks.

    Had dozens of large inks that I’d managed to save from those days (which hadn’t met the trash in my biannual purges) but they were ruined by mildew in our last place.

    I’ll be doing more. They’re kind of fun to do after the exacting and tedious work of the style of digital paintings I’ve been doing the past couple years.

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