Animated Shorts – I Love Buster Keaton

Animated Shorts – I Love Buster Keaton
19.19 by 12 inches, digital painting
J Kearns 2007

Lightbox enlargement

I decided the thing to do, the first night of having Direct TV, was to not fiddle with redoing the botched running of cords but to spend hours watching Buster Keaton. Because I’m crazy about Buster Keaton, and Turner Classics had Buster Keaton movies running all night so I settled in to soak ’em up and marvel. The man was a genius.

I did my Qigong with Buster Keaton in the background and I didn’t feel guilty about it. Someone give me absolution.

You’re going to have to bear with my little illustrations of daily life. I’m playing with Artrage, a little $25 program. I got it some months ago and started using it for making textured skies that I’d import into Photoshop for paintings. But it was buggy and I stopped playing with it after a couple of days. They have put out an update and I’m playing with it again.

Speaking of performers. And prat falls. H.o.p., who never lets an opportunity for a captive audience pass, threw up a red blanket curtain and tried putting on a puppet show for the ATT people. The guy wasn’t interested but the woman was amused. I always tell H.o.p. that working visitors are working and don’t have time for a show. I try to get this gently through his head. He still always must make the effort of putting on a show. Anyway, H.o.p. realized there would be no audience but didn’t let it get him down.

He changed strategy.

For the Direct TV guy (whom he loved “helping” by holding the apt bldg’s door for him every time he went out to the truck, and there were many times he went out to the truck) H.o.p. emerged from his room, eventually, as Samurai Monk Dragon Smoke.

Below is Samurai Monk Dragon Smoke.

The Child Experiments with Being Samurai Monk Dragon Smoke
The Child Experiments with Being Samurai Monk Dragon Smoke
J Kearns 2006

The Direct TV guy was involved with working, of course, which meant Samurai Monk Dragon Smoke went for a couple prat falls. Then H.o.p. gave the requisite honorific bow and put up his costume. Which is an old blue blanket and an IKEA wall holder for odds and ends that H.o.p. saw and insisted on buying for his costume of Samurai Monk Dragon Smoke.

There’s always a show going on around here.

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5 thoughts on “Animated Shorts – I Love Buster Keaton”

  1. I miss having DirecTV. I miss it sooo much. I get more done this way. And I save money.

    IKEA?! Isn’t there one near you now? I had colleagues from your neck of the woods who I dragged to one in Amsterdam. I’m not kidding. They loved it and wished and wished for one in your area. Their dream may have come true!

    Have a nice long weekend!

  2. We have 2 Ikea’s in our area. When I told a friend in Iowa that we had received not 1, but 2 catalogs this year, she begged for one. Apparently if you don’t have an Ikea near you, you are entered into a lottery of sorts for catalogs and are not guaranteed one. She said that people were selling theirs on Ebay. And to think mine usually end up in the recycling!

  3. I love Samurai Monk Dragon Smoke….I would look just like that if I could…it is elegantly mysterious and I am not, but I’m pretty sure I am inside…
    GO H.O.P.!!!!

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