H.o.p.’s New Film Short, “Phobia”

Inspired by Psycho (which he has yet to see in full) and silent films he was watching over the weekend, Aaron finished another film yesterday. All shot on his iPhone–he directed his dad on how to shoot him, and enlisted a friend, George, to put in a cameo. He put it together in iMovie and conscripted his dad to compose silent film sounding music for it. I think he did a really nice job with the composing of shots and the editing. Not too shabby at all for 14.

He says he’s next going to do a comedy. I’ll believe it when I see it. Maybe. We’ve been reading absurdists together and he’s finding them hilarious. Did Ionesco last week and finished “Endgame” today.

More of his art at his blog.

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  1. I thought, daring, uninhibited and very creative. I am sure you saw this early in him and have pretty well let it take him where he wanted it to go. Congratulations family.

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